Troll Brother is the first in its own series.  Book two, Troll Brother 2: Little Brother Troll, is due for publication by Q2 of 2015 and details the adventures of Robbie's younger brother, Ricky, as he learns magic and the Trollish ways from the friends they made in the great cavern city, Machsa.

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The Troll Brother and IPMA Story

Troll Brother is the first full length novel released by P. Edward "Eddie" Auman in the contemporary fantasy world created by Eddie for youth and family readers.  The tale features a young mountain troll named Kile trying to fit into the human world and learning that there's more than blood involved with being family.  Robbie Johannson, his mother and father, little brother and friends and neighbors in the mountain town of Maple Springs adopt Kile into their family and teach him about what it is to be part of the human race.  Important issues of coexistence in a society are addressed in humorous and adventurous events that Robbie and Kile experience together.