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For the Trolls Series of books by P. Edward Auman

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-Excerpt from the book Troll Brother. 

Troll Brother is the first book in the Troll series by author P. Edward "Eddie" Auman.  The story centers around the peculiarity of being human...especially for a non-human faerie named Kile.  He is the smallest of the Mountain Trolls living in the Rocky Mountains of the US.  But he's been given an important assignment by his queen to infiltrate the neighboring human town and discover if there is opportunity for faeries and humans to coexist again, or if the trolls must continue to remain hidden all while facing invasion from more dubious faeriefolk bent on destruction and revolt against faeries and humans alike.

Troll Brother brings young readers and adults alike in a common contemporary fantasy world to explore issues like race and gender with humorous twists from the perspective of a complete misfit: a Troll.  Read together as a family and share the adventure!

Discover the world of Faeriefolk around you in this, the first of the Troll Series and the entire IPMA World.

 An incredible howl echoed through the trees from some ways off still. The entire family froze. Kile’s eyes flickered back and forth watching the trees. Marissa’s hand froze mid-way lifting a water bottle to her lips and she listened as well.
​ When it was clear nothing was dashing out of the woods towards them, Sara Johansson hopped down the rocks and landed next to her husband, boots thudding lightly in the soft soil. “What was that?”
​ Robert knew, but held his tongue since he and Kile had never fully come clean about the trip into the forest to see the wolves. Rick Jr. responded instead. “Cougar.”
A moment’s hesitation later and Sara asked again with her hands clenched tightly on Rick’s upper arm, “What do we do?”
​ “Nothing,” he responded and turned back around to the group, attempting to appear relaxed. “A cougar isn’t going to want to go anywhere near such a large group as we have here.”
​ But then the sound repeated, even more desperately the second time. It was followed shortly by a sharp crack. If Robert had to guess he would have said it was a nearby lady-finger popping. But Dad recognized the sound. It was a whip. Something unnatural was going on further up the mountain cut he had been planning to follow up to the cliff face and spring area and he recognized he’d better start developing a plan.