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Spring 2016

The Troll Brother Encyclopedia


  • TIAMAT - According to the Mountain Trolls, and many other species of faerie folk, Tiamat was the create of the world.  She was indeed a dragon in the truest of senses, not just a flying reptilian.  She was formed of the magics of the Universe even before the magics of Earth were defined. She possessed seven necks and seven heads of varying colors, represented in the seven great rivers of the early Earth, but one head was largest and chiefest and was the vessel of her soul, just as the largest river was the lifeblood of the Earth.  From Tiamat sprang the first generation of Dragons, and then later the varieties of the faerie folk as an attempt to under the mistakes she felt she made with those among the dragons who turned against her and against the earth.  By the time of the Trolls living during Robert Johansson's time and first meeting Tiamat had been long dead, killed by her grandson, Morduk the dragon.  She is still revered though and is believed to have transcended life in the world to a higher plain of existence.
  • ARAGONAMAT - Daughter of Tiamat.  In taking the name of Tiamat with the maternal faerie indication of -mat or -a'mat, which is an indicator of a maternal role, (not so much considered in terms of reproduction but rather leadership and universal parentage,)